Google Sheet receiving Duplicate Row Data

Hello, I’m new in n8n. I have installed n8n in my Synology NAS via docker and tried to understand the basics of n8n.

I have created 2 google sheets and trying to run automation. The steps are very simple as below

  1. add a row on 1st google sheet
  2. I want that row data to update to the 2nd google sheet.

i have done that, and data are coming to the 2nd sheet. I have added a schedule trigger for 30 sec.

The problem is in every 30 sec my 2nd google sheet is getting the same row data from sheet 1 and its duplicating.

I have searched on the community but have not get my answer. M I doing something wrong??

My WorkFlow:

1st Sheet:

2ns Sheet:

If anyone help me it will be great. Thank you. :slight_smile:

It’s because when you schedule for the first GG Sheet node to read, they read everything on the first sheet, then it append every data (columns) it read from the 1st sheet on the second sheet as the 2nd node says so.

You need to filter the data that goes through the first node first then append the filtered data on the 2nd one. Hope this helps.

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I have followed this tutorial to understand the pooling of new data and filtering.

I have created same way the Excel Sheet and filter that with JS Code according to the blog post. But it showing error.

One thing i need to add. This is only happening when i paste the code in new code block.if i use the old function block its working.