Google Sheet - Return a row ID to update formulas

Hey team

Going around in circles trying to nut out how to add =row() to a field when appending a row to a sheet.

Webhook → adds row to google sheet
Lookup row submitted
Set formulas based on row number
Update records based on row with row in formula
{{ JSON.stringify('=row()').replace(/^["'](.+(?=["']$))["']$/, '$1')}}

I have tried the value as string and number

What is the trick to this?
Is there a way to get the row to return with the row read node? you get given the row number in the query response - very useful

Set is dropping the value when I run the full workflow but works correctly if I run just the node.

Manually run Set

Value not passed on when I run the next
node append sheet

Workflow Overview

Hi @Dwayne_Taylor, I am sorry you are having trouble. Am I right in understanding that you simply want to append =row() to your Google Sheet? I’ve tried this approach recently to append a formula to a sheet, perhaps you want to give it a go?

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