Google Sheet Update ?!

Hi everyone,

I’m n8n begginer.
I would like to update already existing ID’s row in my gsheet with Notion’s page id !

No errors but it wrotte nothing … Someone can help me pls ?


Hey @AnthonyPM,

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Can you share the output of the Set node and the Google Sheets Update node?

Hi Jon,

Thx a lot !
For sur :

Hey @AnthonyPM,

Thanks, Can we also get the output data from the 2 nodes?

Hey @AnthonyPM,

That looks to be the same, To the right of that there should be the output a but like this.

i don’t really understand ? i need to use MySQL ? why the update work perfectly with notion and not with Gsheet ?
I select the right sheet / I find the account with " IF " / I set the string value / Select the same set up in Gsheet update final node … But nothing append … The function append or create works … Give me some light pls --‘’’

I also have a case where there are no errors, but no data is appended to Google Sheets.

Hey @AnthonyPM,

That was just an example of what I meant by the output data, It is the parts on the right side of the node input I was after.

@StocktonF welcome to the community :raised_hands:, In your Google sheet do you have the header row set and is the node enabled?

@Jon Thank you, happy to be here :slight_smile:

Here are some additional details.

Google Sheet

Key Row is set to row 1 because that’s where the headers are.

Sorry to hijack this thread, but is this the best place to get some help on my issue (N8N looking successful but Google Sheets is not updating)?

@StocktonF Hi!

Use Operation in Google Sheets “Create or Update” and put a key that is only unique, in my case with that operation it has worked

I actually changed the key to “0” since that’s where it should start (not 1).

But oddly enough, new data was appended to in L:X and not A:M…

So that’s weird. Any thoughts there?

That is very strange, Just for science what happens if you click in A1 then run the workflow or is that what you did?

That doesn’t make a difference.

The solution for me was actually just to use a different sheet… luckily that was an option for me in this case.

Something must have been weird on that sheet that caused that weird behavior because it’s fine in the new tab.

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Hey @StocktonF,

That is odd, On the plus side we are currently working on making the Sheets node a lot better. After using the new version I actually dislike using the old version so you have that to look forward to soon :slight_smile:

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