Google Sheets account: problem with OAuth Redirect URI

I am switching from desktop version to self hosted cloud n8n.

When i attempt to criate the Google sheets, I am having a problem with the callback URI.

In n8n it looks like this:

I am not a developer but it seems strange to have an URI starting with http://localhost:xxx since this instance of n8n is now cloudbased.

Google Cloud is rejecting this URI:

Any idea of what I should here?

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That is a sign that the environment variable WEBHOOK_URL did not get set or not set correctly.

Is generally best to use our Server Setup Guides to make sure that n8n is configured correctly. If it is not, the chance is high that it will not function correctly or may end up being insecure.

Hi @fxholl, in addition to what Jan said, make sure to paste the redirect URL under “Authorized redirect URIs” on the Google page from your screenshot, not “Authorized JavaScript origins” :slight_smile:

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