Google Sheets and Openai - Updates Cells columns

Hello to all

I don’t know how to update the cells of a specific column on Google Sheets with the data generated by Openai.

My workflow is simple but I can’t do it.

From the basic information in my Google Sheets and the information that will be generated by Openai, I want to update the cells in my Google Sheets with the data from the Openai completion.

More concretely, here is what I am trying to do on n8n…

Node 01 :
I ask n8n to read my Google Sheets file where I put a list of names in column A.

Node 02:
I ask Openai to write a small profile biography from the names in my Google Sheets, for example the one in cell A2 of my spreadsheet.

Node 03:
This generated biography must go into Cell B2 of the same Google Sheets. So I have to update B2 with the biography generated by Openai

Node 04:
Then, I ask Openai to generate a list of jobs from the biography previously generated in my Google sheets in B2. Here I have to take the answer generated by Openai in cell B2.

Node 05:
The list of jobs generated must then be put in column C of the same Google Sheets with the update of the right cell which is C2 here.

Basically, how to put the right data in the right columns and cells on google sheets.

Here it is, on paper it’s simple, but I’ve been knocking my teeth on it for 3 days. Can someone help me please?

I don’t know how to configure the nodes on Google Sheets with the right dynamic variables.

Thanks in advance for those who will take the time to help me

Here Workflow ::

And Here the screenvideo of my full workflow with Google sheett : duration : 3:25

Hi @clovici67, welcome to the community! From looking at your screenshot it seems you are using the “Append” operation in your Google Sheets node rather than the “Update” one.

Does your Google Sheet nom column consist of unique values? If so, you could just switch to the Update operation of the Google Sheets node, then use this nom column to identify the right row to update by selecting it as the “Column to match on”:

If not, you probably want to add a unique identifier to your sheet in order to use the “Update” functionality.

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Thanks for your answer :grinning: problem solved

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