Google Sheets authenticatio not working - This App is Blocked

Describe the issue/error/question

When trying to use Google Sheets integration in my flow, I can’t authenticate the app

What is the error message (if any)?

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I have the same problem
I tried with cloud versions 0.210.2 (Latest Stable) and 0.211.1 (Latest Beta)

Is there a solution?

Hi There,

Assuming you are using n8n cloud can you send in an email and we can go over the options. Basically we recently updated the Google Sheets node and that included a scope change and we need to wait for Google to approve the app again but we do have a way to work around this.

I sent you an email to [email protected]


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Hi all, just to close this one off, Google has finished the review of n8n cloud by now.

If we have applied the workaround for you, you would need to restart your n8n cloud instance (via the Manage page on the n8n cloud dashboard) before being able to use our Google client again. Alternatively you could continue to use your own client details instead.

If we have not applied the workaround and if you have encountered the problem, you would need to create new credentials to resolve this problem. To do so, simply select Create New from the credentials dropdown:

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