[GOOGLE SHEETS] cant send formula into google sheets

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im trying to send a formula into a cell in google sheets, its goes like this


But when it gets sent it will not have the ‘=’ sign, if i try to send it as a string like “=IMGURL()” it comes into the sheet as “”=IMGURL()“”

Is it possible to send a formula into the GOOGLE sheets file and have it work like a formula?

ive tried it on let google sheets format it

What is the error message (if any)?

Please share your workflow

this is what it looks like in the sheet

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when u type in a ‘=’ into the input box it automattically turns into an expression box and totally butchers the = sign. its so smart but its annoying

Hi @Josh-Ghazi, I am very sorry for the trouble. Internally n8n will treat all field values with an = as expression (similar to how Google Sheets would store formulas) which leads to this behaviour.

Perhaps you want to check out this thread for more information? The tl;dr is you want to use = inside an expression, and re-add it if you ever need to edit the node again.

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Because I get the notification I will react to this. Since i’m doing this it’s working, but if you go back on the node it remove automatically the ‘=’ mark.

I setup this by doing a double ‘==’ then leave the node and going back there and never re open it when it’s in production. At least, it work for me ! :slight_smile:


strange solution I will have to try it out, but it seems like exploiting a bug to make a feature work as it should

Update: Couldnt get it working the way it should, so i just gave up and did what i wanted in google appscript instead. Thank you all for your input. much appreciated as always

{{'=IMGURL()' }}

Try to make it as an expression, this should fix it

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