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Hi everybody,

I am coming from world of Make and I basically need pretty simple thing.

I have 2 Google Sheets nodes and I need to check the differences between them, so I call the first one node, then I need to check the second node and get the differences and process them.
Problem is that I cant anyhow get filter on second node for checking the cell data and passing them thru NOT EQUAL TO filter, I basically dont know how to “invert” the filter of EQUAL.

I am staring into the workflow for hours already and it drives me mad heh, in Make I had it done within few minutes the whole scenario, but n8n is still pretty new for me.

I am using the self-hosted n8n in Docker, version 0.204.

Thanks for ideas, folks :slight_smile:

use a merge node and filter it there

Ok, but:

    • why so complicated ? and if this is the only solution, can you how me how, please ? TY
    • so there is nothing like expression, what will invert the filter from “equal” to “not equal” ?

its pretty simple. one node does the first google sheets call, then do the same for the second sheet, plug one into the merge node input 1 the other into 2 and then check for matches, and keep non matches.

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