Google Sheets Node: Issue with Filter

I have noticed something very strange. Its almost as if the node is broken or missing a control or feature (unless someone can point out what I am doing wrong and suggest a way to fix this)

In my workflow, I have to find a record (row) in google sheet and update it. The issue is with finding the record. Please see the screenshot of the node

Two conditions must match in order to filter. The Email and Campaign BOTH MUST match. As you can see from the screenshot - there is no way for me to use the AND condition, and the node seems to be working on the OR condition.

If I flip the order, and put in the campaign first, then I will many more matches, because there will be more people in the list that match the campaign name and then the email will match

What am I doing wrong?

I don’t believe the node is broken or I should have seen many more people complain about it. Also, can you show me by way of an example how the expression should be written if I have to match two fields? (assuming expression is the solution)

I have tried this with version: 0.210.2 on cloud and on 0.212.0 on self-hosted with no difference

How I have handled this is by making a new column that is a concatenated value - in your case the campaign and leadEmail fields and using that as a unique key for lookup/update

ie MyKey field will be [email protected]_Family - add some char ie _ between to make it readable

Hi @treyr : That is a very smart way of handling this. So in your experience too, the filter works only one one field, and having multiple fields is just for the OR condition.

Thank you, I am sure this solution / workaround will work! :pray::+1:

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