Google sheets node mishandles empty cells?

Hey, I’m struggling with a strange issue in the Google Sheets node. Let’s say I have a sheet with the following information and I’m asking for only rows with the status ‘new’:

The output is:

All the values are mapped to the right columns. Now, if I remove the ‘test’ values from my first row with status = ‘new’, n8n gets confused and ignores the ‘category’ column and (worse) moves the Bio values into the Publish Date column.

Is this a bug, or am I misunderstanding something?

Hey @bartv,

Are you using the latest version of n8n? I am fairly sure we fixed the issue with cells shifting on empty values fairly recently.

Can you also try and make sure you fill out the template we provide this will help us work out if we have fixed the issue or try and reproduce it.


You’re right - it has been fixed! I’ll keep the template in mind next time, sorry about that.

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