Google Sheets node Output same as input?

Hi everyone,

I’m using [email protected] on, with the following workflow :

When a line is added to this Google Sheet :

I want to copy it to that Google Sheet :

As you can see the value in column A in source sheet is copied the column A in destination sheet, but the column has a different name

I don’t understand why the field name in the Output is also “Source”, shouldn’t it be “Destination” ?

The problem is that if I add following nodes, I cannot use the field name “Destination” because it doesn’t exist


Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance

Hey @raphaelh,

Welcome to the community :tada:

If you update your n8n instance and add a new google sheets node your workflow it should then output the new field name instead of just the input.

Thanks for your quick reply @Jon

I don’t understand, on it says I’m on the latest version :

But on - Workflow Automation it says :

I tried anyway in my workflow to delete and recreate a Google Sheets node, and it didn’t work:

Just for the record, it’s working now in [email protected]

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