Google Sheets Trigger pushes all rows instead new ones

I use Google Sheets Trigger and it works fine every time I add new rows there BUT I expect it to push only new rows through the flow instead it pushes all rows from a sheet.

Is it possible to push only new rows? How can I achieve it?


Anyone? Please! :slight_smile:

Hi @iamarsenibragimov,

Can you complete the template we provide so we can see what option you are using on the Sheets trigger node and what version of n8n you are running?

I have not yet played with the Sheets Trigger node but I will give it a quick go now and see if I can reproduce the issue.

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Information on your n8n setup

  • n8n version: Cloud

Hey @iamarsenibragimov,

I have just had a play and it seems to be only fetching the new records since the last run, On my first run I added one row and got this…

On the second run I added 2 rows and got this…

When you say it is pushing all the rows from the sheet how are you checking that? How are the rows being added to your sheet as well is it manual or from another process?

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I add rows manually and every time I run the node I see all rows on the right side as an output. What am I doing wrong?

Ahhh, So does this only happen if you manually run the node rather than let the schedule work?

Quick Edit - Just checked the code and this is expected if you just press the Execute Workflow button as we don’t read the internal static data to work out what the last row read was.

Yeah, I think it happens onlu when I manually run the node. Thank you!

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