Google sheets update column match on row num

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I’m getting data from a spreadsheet and after working with it I want to update the same google spreadsheet at the same row as I got the data from.

I get the row number when I use “get many rows”:

When getting rows from google sheet it includes the rownumber, but when I want to update the row with a google sheet node, you can’t match it on the row number.

Please share your workflow

I can’t share the whole workflow, but I hope my explanation is clear enough.

How can I solve my problem?

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Hey @LinkedUp_Online,

Are you able to update on a value in the row like some kind of identifier? It is a bit odd that we don’t have an option to just specify a row number I will get a feature request created for that.

I’m having the very similar issue, I have a data to process as a starting point, for testing purposes there is a single row to process and update.

So what I’m doing is:

  1. Getting the value to send to openai
  2. sending the value to openai
  3. getting a result as “content”
  4. splitting it with json script to get a table of data points
  5. trying to update the same row, but since I don’t have an identifier for the row and can’t use “Values to match” since the reference Column gets lost in openai request, I tried to use two input elements for the last node, but can’t get the best of both worlds, I guess.

Edit: forgot to mention, append or update just adds a new row to the sheet and pastes the data, I would love to update the existing row

Hey @theringercurse,

Welcome to the community :raised_hands:

Are you telling the node to use a reference for the update? Normally this would be a record that could be used to identify it.

Hi Jon!

Yes you can update a row using a unique identifier in a row. It lists the column names to do so, but just not the row number. Which is odd indeed, as you do get the row number when you get all the rows.

Thanks for putting in a feature request!

Any idea how long that would take roughly? Do you have a qork around you could suggest?

Thanks a lot!


Hey @LinkedUp_Online,

It likely won’t be a quick add as we have our roadmap laid out for the rest of this year so this would depend on in if someone had some free time to add it and what the popularity of this would be.

There is no workaround I can think of other than using the Google Sheets API with the HTTP Request node but there is no example for that so you would need to spend some time with Google APIs docs.

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