Google Sheets Update if id and client exist or create if not

I’m a novice user on N8N. I want to create a flow that will read the google spreadsheet and if it returns any input it should update, if not, it should create it.

So far so good. The problem is that this worksheet I use to unify orders from 7 woocomerce stores, so we create a column with the name of the store. So I can have two same id for different clients.

How could I create a logic to see the id’s and customers and update only what has changed, considering that we will have id’s repeated with different customers?

Can anyone create a flow for me to have an idea? Is this logic possible?

Bellow example of sheet:

I got this until now, but not works.

This the workflow

Fixed. I create a new column with id and client.

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Awesome, thanks so much for confirming and for sharing your solution @jocenunes!