Google Sheets won't update cell

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Google sheet not updating cell

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No errors

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Hey @Greg_Hadley,

Which cell is it not updating?

the cell in the Status column should be updated to Done

@Greg_Hadley what is currently happening? At the moment you have shared very little so it would be handy to see the sheet or more of the workflow, You also don’t have anything set for Column to Match On so it could be that. I have done a quick test with a basic sheet and it does appear to be working so it could be something in the sheet.

Oh there is a variable from my Google sheet pull action for a company name. Under ‘company’, it just matches that name and then is supposed to update the cell. Its the same sheet so the name should be the same, just inputs the company name into a process. Its quite a large workflow, but those two steps are (I thought) very simple.

I don’t want to accidentally share any private data I shared a screenshot of the node in the Discord and already got a request from a member to access my google sheet, which I don’t know how they were able to access from just the title of the Sheet but :person_shrugging:

From a title of a sheet you can’t work it out but if you have an ID you can so that is a bit odd. Sadly though as this is currently working for me I am not sure what the issue is and I will need to see more. In your JSON you have shared the sheet URL so it may have been someone from here.

The node seems to return the output so I would assume it is working but there is very little to go on, Are there multiple items going in, is it not updating any of them, Have you tried on a smaller scale and just have a simple sheet and a set node to add the items to.

Yes it looks like it is outputting fine, but I look at the sheet and the cell isn’t getting updated, so it keeps looping through that item. There isn’t any errors so I’m not sure what to say… there isn’t anything to go off of.

I would maybe try a smaller workflow with a test sheet to see if that has the same issue that will then tell us if it is a workflow issue or not. If it is a workflow issue then we will need to see more of it.

tried it with a smaller workflow, same issue. Here it is

Are you able to share the sheets?

sure, will you send a request or should I add your email

I have requested access from the account I use for my Google stuff (

You also still don’t have anything set for Column to Match On


just shared with you. I don’t know why it’s not showing up it is for me.

CleanShot 2023-09-01 at 09.18.28

I have just ran that and for me it has added the Done status for that row.


that’s very odd, I still don’t see that row updated in the sheet, and I’m using the exact same workflow but it’s not working for me.

CleanShot 2023-09-01 at 09.22.24

For anyone following…

If you have 2 rows with the same identifier it won’t work as we expect it to be unique, I am opening a request for this now to see if we can change that.

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