Google sheets x OpenAI x Google sheets

I have a google sheet with 3 rows: Review, Prompt, Answer. I want my workflow to automatically evaluate row Review based on the provided Prompt and give me feedback in Answer if the review can be submitted or not.

I am struggling to have this process fully automatized. My goal is to add a daily batch of reviews to the Review column and receive an answer in row Answer.

I have connected via API the drive, google sheets and OpenAI. Do you have a suggestion of which functions to use or how to set up my OpenAI settings in the workflow?

Hi @Richard_Parev, welcome to the community!

a google sheet with 3 rows: Review, Prompt, Answer

I am afraid n8n would expect a traditional table structure when working with the Google Sheets node, meaning each item in n8n would correspond to a single row in your Google Sheet with each field being represented by a column.

So in other words, when working with n8n you would want your sheet to look like so:


You could then use a workflow like this to have n8n fetch the rows that do not have an answer yet once per day and send the review and prompt values to OpenAI:

Make sure to also set the “When Filter Has Multiple Matches” option on the first Google Sheets node, it appears the forum does not include this in the preview:


This workflow will then update your Google Sheet with the responses coming from OpenAI:

Since the initial Google Sheets node in this example only fetches rows with no answer yet, this workflow will process each row only once.

Hope this helps!

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