Google Tasks not triggering with new tasks from Google Spaces

We have google spaces account me and my 2 other partners in my coaching business. So when they add a task and assign it to me the Google tasks get all doesnt bring those in. If I enter a task manually into Google tasks it goes through. Anybody have any idea? Thanks

Hi @anilerkan :wave:

This was an interesting one to take a look at - in short, the Google Tasks node doesn’t have access to tasks created in spaces, but only the tasks you’re creating in the calendar view. Unfortunately, when a task is made in a space, it’s not the same as the other type of task :see_no_evil:

It also looks like it may not be accessible via the API yet, since this is quite an old feature request thread, but you might want to make your voice heard here: Google Issue Tracker

That’s sad. Thanks for taking the time.

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@anilerkan If the API were available I’d mention posting in the Feature Requests forums for this to be added - perhaps do so when Google ensures it’s accessible via the API? :bowing_man:

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