Google Text to Speech


I am trying to do a http request to google text to speech but the output appears to be base64 encoded.

How can I get this into an actual binary MP3 file, When I choose a response format and select file, it just gives me a text file.

Would really appreciate any help with this.


I am running n8n self hosted via docker compose

Hi @Bailly_1, if you have a JSON field containing a base64-encoded file (like audioContent from your screenshot) you could convert it into a binary using the Move Binary Data node like so (the first two nodes in this example flow just prepare dummy data to work with):

Make sure to enable the Data Is Base64 option, specify the correct MIME type (audio/mpeg for MP3) and a valid filename and you should get a proper audio file:

Hope this helps!

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Hey @MutedJam, Thank you worked perfectly.

I was at my wits end trying everything :sweat_smile:

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Glad to hear this works, thanks for confirming :slight_smile:


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