Gotify push

Would it be possible to use the push from gotify app on my phone to trigger a workflow? New to n8n.

If the message is being sent with android::action or client::notification extras, a GET webhook could potentially be used to start a workflow.


It’s my first time using Gotify, but how do we configure those fields from n8n?
I can’t seem to find a place to set up properties in the json object that n8n sends to gotify

Sadly no experience with Gotify at all but I understood it so that there would be no configuration at all in n8n. You would create a Webhook-Node in n8n and the URL of that node you would then use in Gotify. You can then use all the information Gotify did send to that URL in n8n.

Hi, @Couto

What exactly you want to achieve?

Me and @mskian are active users of Gotify.


Hey, Sorry my bad, I hoped in on the thread because it mentioned some things I was looking for.

Gotify has a section in the docs that reference some message’s extras:
Is there a way in N8N where we can customize the outgoing message with those extras?

In my specific scenario, I would like to use markdown in the message (e.g.)

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Once you setup your Gotify Instance

You need an Application inside Gotify. Please refer to this tutorial to do that. (

After you set your credentials inside n8n.

In the Gotify Node:

  • Choose Resource as - Message
  • Operation as - Create
  • In the Message Field - What ever the message you have to send

And In the Additional Field:

  • Priority - Set to 5-10
  • If you want to Get Notification without sound set it to 1-3
  • I always set it to 10 because I want to get Instant Notification with sound in my mobile.
  • For Title - Set Relevant title for the Notification

Once, All set. Execute the Node.

Here is how you’ll get Notification.

Please note that using Markdown is risky. The developer itself suggest Plain text.

if part of the message is interpolated from a malicious external source, the attacker could inject malformed markdown which leads to information disclosure. It is recommended to use text/plain to reduce possible security issues when using text from external sources like f.ex. output from scripts.

If you mean these Extra in Gotify

These Two and Markdown support needs to be Implemented in n8n gotify node. For now you can use HTTP Node for this.

@Tanay bro. Can you have a look about these two.