Grant permissions through a node to a spreadsheet created by a service account

Dear friends, I would like to request your help to solve the following.

Currently I have my service account configured to create google spreadsheets, and it works without problem, it creates the spreadsheet and gives me a url, however, when I try to view the spreadsheet directly through the URL, it throws me a permissions error and it tells me that I have to ask the owner for permissions. The owner is the service account I created (service [email protected]) , however I can’t login with my personal email account (and no way).
I don’t know how to automatically authorize my email account to the spreadsheet created by the service account.

If you can help me that would be great!

Friends, I answer myself :slight_smile:
To add users to the created spreadsheet, they must add a new “Google drive” node and in that node, change the permissions of the newly created spreadsheet.
Here is an example flow.

I hope it’s useful


Thank you for posting your own solution! Love that, makes it so much easier for anybody else having the same issue (and saves our team some time for answering it when you found the answer already).

Thank you again!