GraphQL Workflow

Great tool with immense possibilities of executed right.
I am trying to see applications of this and GraphQL. I feel like there was a workflow example with GraphQL somewhere but can’t seem to find it. Any links will be of great help.

There was sadly no example yet. Did just create the following basic one:

Hope it helps!

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Thank you that was very useful. How do I push data to graphql?
My idea is to get data in via a webhook, take it through the workflow and when it’s all processed post to either a graphql endpoint or an Amazon SQS/RabbitMQ queue.

Hey Jan. :slight_smile: throws a server error. :frowning:

Hey @Ernest_Giorgi_Dolog,

Welcome to the community. We will check it out. Thanks for letting us know.

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Hi @Ernest_Giorgi_Dolog! Found the reason why the website did start misbehaving and could fix it. It should now work fine again.

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Thanks Jan. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Good to hear from you.

Hi! is possible to make mutations? I test it today but I have a result of:

POST body missing. Did you forget use body-parser middleware?

any idea?

Yes, that is possible.

Guess the issue maybe has to do with the query not being surroundeed by {}.

Btw. if not, you can try to use something like to debug as it displays you the body which gets actually send.