Group Similar Workflows into one "Folder"

(Unless it exists) I believe being able to group similar workflows into a a folder-like structure would be ideal. The Tag-Management feature is nice but unfortunately I run soooo many automations for different clients & while naming them Alphabetically does help, it gets tricky when I’m segmenting separate Workflows WITHIN a client. Say, for example, I have 20 clients each with 10 workflows - that would mean 200 workflows to scroll through everyday!!!

+1 for this anoyne?

I agree - tags are infinitely flexible and as as design pattern they are amazing, but folders are definitely needed.
It is hard to organize large amount of workflows otherwise - clients or internal groups or services (ie woocommerce related vs stripe etc)
Zapier has something similar with the ability to drag/drop or move workflows between folders.

True, it would be amazing if we cold get a replica of that. Hope @jan & the rest of the N8N dev-team can consider this.

hey all - there are multiple existing request posts for this feature - I recommend voting there so you don’t split the vote.

For example: Arranging workflows in folders - #2 by rodrigoscdc

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Hey @maxT - duly noted. Thanks for that.

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