Handle Slack Slash Commands

Just curious to know if there is a way of handling slash commands for slack with n8n, I want to grab the data passed to my slash command then return a message to the user. I don’t know if there is a workaround for this. Also while creating a slack slash command it requires a URL where it can post data to. Can the webhook URLs from the webhook node be used as the URL??

Looking forward to an answer

Welcome to the community @Shedrack_Akintayo!

Yes simply using the Webhook-Node is the correct thing to do.


Welcome to the community @Shedrack_Akintayo!

This blogpost might be of help: https://medium.com/n8n-io/webhooks-fun-with-n8n-and-mattermost-4ebf7e2b4d2a

Thank Tanay but I figured it out already :slight_smile: