Has anyone successfully used Pipedrive webhooks? They do not register for me

I am trying to create a trigger for the pipedrive node. I can create the trigger in the editor and it shows me the test and production urls. However when I hit either if those URLs, I get 404 both time saying the webhook is unregistered. This happens for test and “active” production, for both URLs

Right now when I manually hit the webhook url I get the following error.

The workflow is active and this is the production url

{“code”:404,“message”:“The requested webhook "GET a6e002fb-6ac2-4044-8e2a-95a081e3b5b3/webhook" is not registered.”,“hint”:“The workflow must be active for a production URL to run successfully. You can activate the workflow using the toggle in the top-right of the editor. Note that unlike test URL calls, production URL calls aren’t shown on the canvas (only in the executions list)”}

I am self hosting in a docker container and so far everything else in n8n is working very well and I have completed other integrations on this server (but I havnt tried webhook / triggers before)

Hey @louiszezeran,

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That error tends to happen with the production URL is being used but the workflow is not active, If the workflow is active it might be worth checking that the URL is correct and the n8n version.

Thank you, I shall investigate earlier. The url n8n gave me in the pop up seemed correct but I will look into this. I agree the server name is probably the issue

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