Having Cache Server for N8N

Hi Team,

We have hosted N8N in AWS ECS before the request comes to my server am planning to have an cache server to make incoming jobs to get aligned and if in case of any hard shutdown happens on the container the jobs needs to get retry once the next container gets up. Can someone please help us here to achieve this.

Also please suggest with some good service.

Vaithiyanathan S

Hi @Vaithiyanathan_S, just to make sure we get this right: You’re thinking about an external cache/queue of some kind you want to put in front of n8n? And if your n8n container crashes during workflow execution it would retry the respective workflow once a new container comes online?

I am not aware of such a particular setup, but you might want to take a look at these docs:

n8n’s queue mode would involve a broker, making sure work is distributed to available workers. It would not include the retry logic you have described though, so this would be something you would need to implement on your end.

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Cool thanks it works