Help raw workflow design

I’m new to n8n and there might be somebody to help me structure my first workflow to get used to the different nodes ?

What I want to do (in pseudo code) is
→ Get data from a Webform (Works already using the webhook node)
→ load Json data from a template file
→ merge the data from the Webform into the loaded Json Template
→ send the merged json to a webservice

Cold anybody give me a hint which nodes to use to process and merge json data and make a webservice request (HTTP Request ?) ?

Hi @fschmid - welcome to the community! :cake:

While this doesn’t use a webhook node, you can probably take some inspiration from this post from @MutedJam on how to fix up this workflow:

Since you mentioned you had a JSON template, it can show you how to utilise it and then also make a HTTP request. It’s a good starting point!

By the way, if you’re totally new to n8n, it might be worth checking out our Beginner’s course to help understand some n8n concepts.

Let me know if that helps, and if you have any other questions!

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