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Hi! im goingt crazy with what i thought was going to be aeasy thing. I have a string like this:

<>; rel="canonical"

I just wante to extract the URL , so i want the output to be:

I have no idea about javascript, but ive researced for formula’s and it seems REGEX should do it, however i keep running into different errors and have no idea why … i attach a screenshot of the last error i got … is it because ITEM isn’t a string and the REGEX function only works on strings?

What is the error message (if any)?

ERROR: Cannot convert undefined or null to object


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Hi @oly-dev would this do the trick for you?

const url = items[0].json.url;

let start = url.indexOf("<");
let stop = url.indexOf(">");

let result = url.substring(start +1, stop);

return {"result": result}

continuing on answer by @dickhoning here an alternative with the Regex pattern.

const url = items[0].json.url;
let result = url.match(“^<([^>]*)”)[1];
return {“result”: result}

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