HELP - Search image based on a type of subject and publish in a wordpress

Hello, I’m new to n8n, I need your help.

I want to generate an image by Dall-e or a free website, where it can be better and at a lower cost, and place these images in an article published in wordpress.

I want two images, with two different links, 1st image to put in the highlight of the post and at the beginning of the post. and the 2nd image in the middle of the article.

This is a template just for creating the image:

Hi @Edgard_Neto, I am not a Wordpress user but isn’t this CMS working with HTML content for the most part?

So you’d just have to add the respective <img> tags in the content field after first uploading your images.

It might be best to first create a post like the one you have in mind directly in Wordpress with dummy images, then fetch this post through n8n to see how exactly the content of this manually created post looks like. Then use this as the basis for creating new posts automatically.

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Hi, I’m creating the image from a free image bank, like pexels. see example below. but I am not able to put the image in Code2.

Hi @Edgard_Neto, I don’t quite know how the exact JSON data you are passing on to your code node looks like nor how the exact content field in your wordpress instance should look like.

It seems you have provided some of this information in a new thread on the same topic, so I’ll close this thread as a duplicate for now.

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