Help to send telegram photo

hey guys,

first thanks for the cool product. please consider me as a beginner and apologies in advance if my question are too basic.
i’m looking to create a workflow as such:
1- trigger on a new email arriving in gmail inbox
2- download image attachement from that email
3- send it to a group chat in telegram

step 1- is done using “IMAP Email” node and image attachement download is OK. I’m able to see the binary data in the web UI.
the next step would be to send the image over the telegram chat, and I don’t even know if I’m allowed to send it immediatly, or I need to process the binary data before sending it through telegram.

To note that I’m able to send text messages over the telegram chat. My problem is only with the image.

Thanks in advance

Hey @ja3four!

Welcome to the community! :slightly_smiling_face:

To send an image to a Telegram Chat, you have to either pass the file_id (if the file exist on the Telegram server) or the URL of the File.

With your workflow one thing you can do is upload it to a service (like Google Drive, Dropbox etc) that will give a URL for the files, that you can later use in the Telegram node.

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