Heroku app creation fails, issues and errors

Hi everyone !

Yesterday I tried building the app on Hostinger, with Docker, without any success.

An hour ago I successfully deployed this one from the n8n docs on how to host n8n on heroku, but I could not find the Dockerfile in it, because I want to use the puppeteer node and execute these instructions.

Here I’m trying with Heroku, more popular, to deploy the app from this github

Unfortunately I can’t deploy it, therefore cannot contact the customer service either because it needs a paid plan on a app to create a ticket.

I’ve already verified my account with my credit card, and I really cannot see where I made a mistake.

Here is the screen shot on Imgur for a better quality : Heroku App Creation Fails - Album on Imgur

what should I do, did I miss anything ?

Describe the problem/error/question

I want to host n8n in heroku / another cheap platform if it’s easier than Heroku, and being able to use the puppeteer community node, that needs to be able to execute these instructions inside Docker.

it has 3 days since I have started trying to use that community node, I can pay a few bucks anyone that can help my.

What is the error message (if any)?

1. Create appApp creation failed. Please ensure you have valid values in the above form fields.
2. Configure environmentThere was an issue setting up your app environment.
** * invalid app.json**
** * The heroku-redis:hobby-dev plan is no longer available. Choose a different plan. See all available plans in the Elements Marketplace at elements.heroku.com.**

Thanks in advance !

Hi @Louis_Murie, tbh I am not sure what might be wrong about your app.json as I am not very familiar with Heroku.

But seeing your goal is simply to find a cheap platform I’d suggest you go with a traditional VPS from Digital Ocean, Hetzner, etc. (or even Oracle Cloud, in which case you could host your VPS completely free).

This will allow you to simply log in directly to your server via SSH and and build custom Docker images just like you could on your local machine.

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