Hi,i have a question on downloading multiple files from dropbox?I have tried the following but it gives me an error

I have trouble downloading all the files with the specified names and i am confused on how to proceed with this.

It looks like you forgot to change the “File Path” to an expression. If set correctly the parameter would change its color and display the resolved value (in your case /Receipts/7.jpg)

Thank You.But in that case it only downloads receipt 7.jpg,is there a way where i could download all 27 receipt files instead of one from dropbox at one go.

The value is still hard-code. Like that, a fixed value will be used for each item. You have to set an expression instead so that for each item a different value gets used.
Best to read that section of the docs:

The expression you then want to set would be:


Hi,it almost works but now i get a buffer error.I tried reducing the number of receipts to three but that doesn’t seem to help to.

Did you check out the link I did share above? Because the parameter is still not an expression. It can be set to an expression by clicking on the cog icon on the right side of the parameter and then selecting the appropriate option.

Thank You.It finally works.

Great to hear! Have fun!