Hiboutik POS integration

Hello everyone, I am trying to integrate Hiboutik Pos software with n8n trough webhook calls.
Hiboutik side is all correctly configured, and the webhook starts, but in n8n i can’t received it.
The workflow is like this:
I use a “Respond to Webhook” node, and this node wait the call from Hiboutik, but when I start the call n8n doesn’t work.
If you need more detail for the solution, i will provide you, thanks for the help

Hi @Gabriele_Bracciali, welcome to the community!

I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Seeing you mention the Respond to Webhook node, could you confirm if you also have a corresponding Webhook node in your workflow?

Next, can you confirm if you’re using the Test URL or the Production URL? The difference is explained in the docs linked above, but you’d essentially only see data coming into n8n in real time when using the Test URL and then manually executing your workflow (or the node by clicking the Listen For Test Event button).

Lastly, you want to make sure that your webhook node uses the same HTTP Method as your system. Many systems would send POST requests, but the default method in n8n is GET. You can change this in the respective dropdown:

If you still can’t get the webhook into n8n, could you verify whether the webhook URL is working in principle by taking Hiboutik Pos out of the equation temporarily (and then send your webhook request using a tool such as curl, Postman, or Insomnia instead)?

Hi, thanks for the fast reply.
Yes I have added both the address for the request.
Now i have changed the method from get to post and when i am creating a new sale (that’s the startpoint of the webhook), the Hiboutik return me an Unauthorized error:
ERROR ! 401 : HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized

Hey @Gabriele_Bracciali, have you configured any authentication in your n8n webhook like so?

If so, you might need to update the credentials used by Hiboutik to match those you have configured in n8n (or disable the authentication on your n8n webhook node).

Okay yes, i’ve fixed it.
thank you very much, the problem was with the auth

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