High memory usage

High memory usage when I run this task.
n8n use memory and don’t free memory when sub flow is done.

Workflow config
Save successful production executions :Don’t save
Save execution progress: Don’t save

Tigger by production webhook.

n8n version 1.8.2

Test data 21K document (2.5GB).

Test by 1,000 and 10,000 per round is same result.

Memory usage more than 12GB for this task.

Hi @suphakon_prabtook :wave: Thanks for such a detailed explanation!

I’m unfortunately not too sure on this one, but one thing that may help - it sounds like the sub-workflow is not freeing up memory as expected. Can you make sure that your last node is a Set node that is returning very little or no data? :+1: It makes more of a difference than you might think, and there may be a memory issue with the Item Lists node that we didn’t expect to see.

Let me know if that helps!


I waiting for good news in soon.

In last node return 1 record , I don’t known why flow not free memory.
I try on 10,000 pre round and check round by Redis.
I monitor in first round use memory less than 2GB.
It’s use memory more in next round , in last round it’s use memory more than 12GB.

How to use set node to stop this flow.
Can you show me for example ?




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