Hosted server clean cache or old temp/update data?

Hello, I have an n8n server hosted in a digital ocean droplet. Actually, it’s working perfectly and has been working perfectly for months.

I have noticed now in my droplet the size of the droplet right now it’s 7.4GB. Checking the logs, I see how it went from 4.9GB to 7.4GB in 6-8 months. I always have my server up to date, and I have configured an auto-delete for execution logs.

How can I keep improving this? Is there any command that I can run in the Linux console to “delete” or remove old stuff or update stuff occupying space?


Hey @yukyo, are you using docker? If so, it might simply be old images laying around. You could try running docker image prune occasionally.

Hi. I’m using docker-compose.

Yeah, that would use docker under the hood. I’d try the pruning suggested above and see how much space this sets free already.

@MutedJam I have done this a few days ago and did this again right now, but no changes:

So as a next step you could try running du -h to get an idea of what’s using space on your machine.


There are a lot more directories but with very small sizes.

Looks like there’s 3 GB in /var/log/journal alone. This is probably not n8n-related, but you could try running something like journalctl --vacuum-size=100M. This would only keep the last 100 MB of logs (documented here).