Hosting on AWS?

Has anyone tried hosting n8n on an AWS instance? A t2.micro was recommended to me as a way to get started that could be low cost. I’m new to AWS and don’t want to end up way over my head in bills for setting up more than I need. Also looking for a general estimate (maybe monthly) of what running something like n8n on AWS could cost me, so if any of you have run apps with similar demands, that would be super helpful. Thanks!

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Did never run it on AWS but a nano should be more than enough unless you want to start with crazy workloads from the get go which should be executed all few seconds. If you ever realize that the nano is not enough anymore, you can simply disconnect the volume and connect it to a larger instance. Takes literally 5 min.

Cost wish that should be less than $5 per month.

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HI! @jan :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: amazing work with n8n, :raised_hands::rocket::rocket::rocket:,
I try today make the docker-compose and server setup on a simple t2 micro ec2 (ubuntu) but cant make it work, :man_facepalming: .Does it need some changes on ports? the 2 containers are up and working, but I cant access, I try on lightsail too but in the ubuntu-bitnami instance only n8n container wake up the other give me a bug.

Hi @Pblfer! Great to hear that you enjoy n8n!
Did you see this server-setup guide?
There you find everything that should be needed.
The only port which has to be open for that is 443.

That was 443 on my policy, :man_facepalming::raised_hands::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::ok_hand:
thanks @jan

Great to hear that you could solve your problem. Have fun with n8n and happy to help with all the problems you face or questions you have.