Hosting provider for basic workflows


new to n8n (and already love it !!!) !
As I want to self-host my n8n, I wonder which is the best hosting provider to choose?
Please note that My Business do not requires much ressources, I’m solo consultant, my workflows are not complicated.

I see that DigitalOcean offers start from 4$ and Hetzner from 4.15 €
Any other provider ? Time4vps or another one more cheaper?

Thank you and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Hey @Syphax,
welcome to the community :tada:

I personally prefer using Hetzner because of good pricing, good usability and the german located company/datacenters. Our docs about setting up n8n with docker-compose.yml and the traefik router with https should be a good fit.


Thank you @marcus :slight_smile:

Is it possible to host n8n on a Shared Hosting Account ?
It will be used for small tasks.

Should work fine on Hetzner shared cloud hosting.

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As long as the shared hosting account lets you run node applications you could do that.

Personally I have a few different providers I use depending on what I am doing…

Digital Ocean
OVH / Kimsufi


@Jon hello, thanks for this information, have you some guide for set up with OVH/kimsufi ? best regards

Hey @Z_M,

Nothing specific to OVH/Kimsufi, Generally the hosting provider doesn’t matter as long as you can either install something using NPM or run a container you will be good to go.

The place to start would be here: Installation - n8n Documentation personally I use the Docker option.