How can I add an email to the ownership of a business?

Hello, I am not able to add an email to the property of a business.
I create the contact worked ok
I create a business with the contact data it worked ok
Now I need to include the e-mail of a seller in the property of this business but I can’t find where to include this information.

I’m selecting add custom property but the field is empty and I don’t see any information to use:

Could you help me complete this task?


Hi @Ricardo_Pereira, welcome to the community :tada:

Can you perhaps confirm how the respective property is configured in your Hubspot account?

I’ve tried creating a new property like this for Companies in my Hubspot account:

I have then executed the below workflow:

This worked as expected in n8n:

The company is also updated in Hubspot as expected:

So perhaps you can share some further details on what exactly isn’t working for you? In addition to understanding how you have configured your field in Hubspot it’d be good to have a workflow using which the problem can be reproduced and the full error message you are getting from Hubspot when trying to execute your node.

It wouldn’t be that.
I think I didn’t express myself properly.
I need to assign the deal to a seller registered on hubspot.
That is, I need the business to arrive at the hubspot already assigned to an email from a seller.

@Ricardo_Pereira I did now go in and translated all of your posts with the help of Google Translate from Portuguese to English. Be aware that we only allow English posts in this forum. So please make sure to translate yourself ( before posting here in the future. We do not want to have a language mix in here, it is simply a very bad experience for other community members if everybody posts in a different language. Additionally will other users which have the same problem never find this post if it is not written in English. Thanks!

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could you help me with this doubt?

Hey @Ricardo_Pereira,

When you say you need to assign the deal to a seller what do you actually mean? Is it just a custom property or are you are changing the owner of a deal?

That, I want to add an owner to the business.
In other words, it is necessary to send the business already with a specific owner.
Business name: xxxx
Business value: xxxx
**Business owner: xxxx

Hey @Ricardo_Pereira,

So are you creating a company or a deal? Do you maybe have some screenshots from Hubspot that show what you are trying to do that may help us see what field needs to be set and where it is.

If I can include an owner in the business and in the contact, that’s what I need to do.
Below is the field where the business owner is:

today I use this integration a lot with a tool here in Brazil called Pluga. It’s very simple to do it for her, I just put the email and he already sends the lead to the owner with this email registered on hubspot.
But I want to centralize everything here at N8N today. I don’t want to use Pluga anymore.
Here’s a print of the Pluga tool and how I fill it out:

Hey @Ricardo_Pereira,

Alright that was handy thanks, So we can add a owner to a company but what we don’t have support for yet is adding a deal owner to a deal. From what I can see this value would normally be an internal team member / member of a sales team rather than a company.

At the moment the only way to do this would be to use the HTTP Request node and set the value manually through that, The good news here though is we are currently woking on overhauling the Hubspot node so I have popped a message on the dev ticket for that to see if we can fit this one in as part of that change or if it is too late.

Could you show me how I can do this via http request node?

Hey @Ricardo_Pereira,

Looking at the API docs it would be something like the below, You would need to replace {deal_id} in the URL with the deal id and in the body parameters change id_of_hubspot_user to the ID of the hubspot user.

Please help me here… how do I authenticate the HubSpot OAuth2 API?

In the N8N fields it asks me to fill in two fields, Client ID and Client Secret.

But on hubspot it only gives me a token.
What information should I include in the N8N to authenticate?

Hey @Ricardo_Pereira,

If you are not using OAuth you can change the credential type to Hubspot API or what it is you are currently using.

I’m using hubspot API but it doesn’t have this option for me to choose.

Hey @Ricardo_Pereira,

You might need to do an update to get it, It looks like we added it in 0.199.0

Thanks, I’ve updated and managed to find it.
But now I’m not able to include the correct data. could you show me how to do it?

Hey @Ricardo_Pereira,

The id for the owner is a number not an email address. You may need to do a search using another api call.

unfortunately I couldn’t. That’s a lot of maneuvers!

Hey @Ricardo_Pereira,

It is at the moment sadly, I do have the request in to add it to the node as part of the overhaul but it doesn’t look like it has been picked up yet.