How can I generate a PDF file with n8n?

I have a JSON Object getting as HTTP Response.

    "employee": {  
        "name":       "Rocky",   
        "salary":     "5000",   
        "active":     "true"

I want to generate a PDF file with this JSON.

Is it possible?

Hi @mcnaveen,

Quick answer is yes you can create a PDF using the Node


Hello @mcnaveen ,
with carboneio/carbone: Fast and simple report generator, from JSON to pdf, xslx, docx, odt… (
it could be a good option no ?

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Wow, This looks super cool. I’ll try and let you know.

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Hi @mcnaveen

I’m using Google Docs to generate a document from a template and get the pdf of that document

In my use case I start with Google Sheet, but it could be with HTTP Request

Here’s code for this workflow that you can adapt to your use case


Hey @Claudio_Balbino

This is Perfect. :slight_smile: 100% No Code Solution

Thank you for sharing.


Looks like google has updated their format. I use this[FILE ID]/export?mimeType=application%2Fpdf&key=[API KEY] and it works great.


Hey ,
Can we make repetitive section to generate table for an invoice with Google docs ?


It worked for me like a charm! Thank you!

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