How can I participate?

Hey everyone,
I’ve created a pull-request like 4 Weeka go. But there is still no activity.
How can I provide better informations, so the pull-request get viewed faster?
updated node invoice-ninja with new events and functions by paulwer · Pull Request #4807 · n8n-io/n8n (

Best regards
Paul Werner

Hi @Paul_Werner,

Typically PRs can take a little bit of time to review, Last month things were a bit slower due to holidays but I plan to get caught up on some of the backlog there over the next couple of weeks.

Typically when a change comes in that adds new functionality we need to test it and look to see if there are any documentation changes needed.

Looking at the Github actions quickly it looks like the build failed because of duplicate options in the trigger node so that would need to be resolved. I will update the GitHub repo when I have created the internal ticket for the review.


if you need anything, i am glad to help.

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Hi @Jon,
is there anything I can help to speed this up?
The documentation is prepared.

Best regards

Hey @Paul_Werner,

Nothing on your side really, It just comes down to time and resource. I spent last week looking through a lot of our older GitHub issues so I am almost there.

Hey @Jon,
there is the need to do some major changes to the node, before it can be reviewed.
I would be very pleased, if you can take a look at my latest question within the pull-request.

Kindly thank you

Hey @Paul_Werner,

Just replied, Quick version is you would need to use the options we are already using.

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