How can I properly grab the (HTML) labels and values in the "Kenmerken"-section on this webpage?

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Is there a more experienced N8N user around that can give me a lead on how to convert the html into a nice list of labels and values (without section headers)?

At the moment I have attempted to extract the list of labels and values from this page:

However, since the HTML is not structured consistently I am unable to get a reliable list of items (with my level of n8n-skill).

Share the output returned by the last node

So far I have managed to get the different categories:

Hey @Teije

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At a glance, the url you want to extract data from protects the browser queries through a temporary cookie. So if you don’t include those values, the html that your example HTTP node is fetching doesn’t include the data you precisely want to extract.

Next I leave you an example of workflow that does return the data to extract. But as it is a temporary cookie, it will not be valid indefinitely.

From here, you can extract the data you want with the HTML node.

If you want to know how to import the cookie data in the http node, I leave you the following video where you can see how to do it (Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom)



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