How can i set only data of the node "IF"

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Hey community,

I a have an issue about the IF & Set nodes.
For the IF node everything is fine (i verified the data)
When i create the set node just after to restructure the data it appears another data, it should show me 6 email adresses (Pick below)

Any help please ?

Hey @TheG,
could you post your workflow here or show us the expression you are using inside your set value?

Hi @marcus,

Here’s the full workflow :

The last two nodes (Last data to append) should segment the email adresses for me :slight_smile:

Thank you

In your Last Data to append set nodes after your Exists ? if node I can see that you are using expressions like this.

Instead of using

{{$node["Exists ?"].json["fields"]["Civility"]}}

could you try using


If you do that you can directly use the output of your IF Node on both the true/false branch of your condition.


Good, it works !

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