How convert PDF in XLS(Excel) with n8n

Hi, please help me, how convert PDF in XLS(Excel) with n8n?

you can use these nodes to read PDF files and create XLS Excel files.

  1. Read PDF
  2. Spreadsheet File

Here are some example workflows that might help you:

  1. Extract Text from a PDF file
  2. Service to convert JSON to an Excel file

Thanks, I tried, I have the text completely without divisions is extracted in the “Text” field, when I use Pdf Reader, how can I process it for SpreadSheet?

To create an xls from sample json data I created this workflow

It will transform json data

to an xls excel file

I guess the real challenge here is extracting your pdf data and transforming it to json. If your pdf has a table inside, our Read PDF node will only extract the text without any of the table markup. This makes it very hard to work with that kind of data. Here is my pdf table samplw workflow.

You could try using an api service like to convert pdf to csv/text. The results will heavily depend on your pdf content though.

I stumbled accross this youtube tutorial by