How could I check premium user when invite trello member?

New trello node could invite trello member. But trello will charge premium user if he joined more than one trello board.

This is very dangerous if I invite trello member automatically!

Could you explain how n8n solve this in this trello node feature?

Hey @cmdntd987,

Our node just uses the API to invite a user, If your organisation / board is using a premium account it will invite the user but if you don’t have a premium workspace the API call will fail. This same process would apply for other services where you can invite users that would cost money like the GSuite admin node.

I can’t see any information in the Trello docs that suggests I can be a premium user outside of a premium workspace though, Do you happen to have a link to the docs?

Trello will charge when a guest joined more than one board of premium account.

When a guest join to member of a board, he is a guest. But when he join to member of the second one, he will be charge for premium.

I means how could check if a guest be transfered to premium. When I used in GUI, trello will have a notification about this to decide to transfer this guest to premium, because he joined to the second board. But when I use it through API, there is not any notification like this.

Hey @cmdntd987,

I have found what you are referring to in the Trello documentation here: Multi-board guests - Trello Help

We are limited to what the API provides so if it doesn’t return any information to say the user is now a billable user, with the add member option there is an allow billable guest option which doesn’t exist for invite.

You could maybe use the get members Trello api call ( with an HTTP request node before inviting a user that would give you information about a user but you would need to know their user ID.

It looks like you can get also get a list of organisation members which could help but it all depends on which route you would prefer to take.

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Thank you, it is helpful.

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