How could I get data from google search console?

Hi, I try to get data from Google search console by Google analytics.
After I connect Google search console to Google analytics I have all data of GSC in Google analytics. But I can not find any Dimensions or Metrics in Google analytics for GSC.

Do you know GSC’s Metrics in Google analytics in this case?
Or we must have other n8n Google search console node to get GSC API?

Hi @cmdntd987, the Google Analytics node currently doesn’t have a resource to allow fetching Google search console data I am afraid. So you might want to raise this as a feature request or alternatively consume the respective API using the HTTP Request node. I am not familiar with this API, so won’t be able to provide an example here, but maybe someone else has?

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We have a branch in the repo that includes the Google Search node. It’s not finished yet, though.


Wow, I hope this!
It could help get more info from GSC.
Thank you about this job. I wait for next release.

Is there something new about the GSC Node?

Maybe i can help to test the new node.

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I would also be very interested!

It looks like the node was started on but no one has picked it up since :thinking: I will see what I can find out about it.

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