How do I connect my n8n to BudiBase?

How do I connect my n8n to BudiBase?
I have a task to transfer a file to n8n via webhook, upload it to DpopBox, get a link and write it to mssql database on Budibase side.
I understand how to set up a REST API connection to n8n webhook, but how to transfer a binary file and get a link is not very clear. Can anyone explain where to dig?

Hi @IndieDev :wave: Do you have any example workflows that you’ve built that you can show where you’re running into trouble?

Also, are you self-hosting or using n8n cloud? We don’t have a Budibase core node, but there’s quite a few Budibase community nodes - are you using one of those?

I have a self hosted version. I saw the community node. But that’s not what I need.
I need to transfer to webhook n8n file and upload it to dpobox.

What is in the output of the webhook node, and what error are you getting in the Dropbox node?

Could you also share your workflow by following this guide? Export and import | n8n Docs
If you could copy and paste your nodes and then place the workflow JSON between two sets of three backticks (```), that’d be ideal :+1:

From BudiBase the binary and the file name does not come. Ve blank lines.
The problem is in BudiBase. I don’t understand how to transfer file there. Request body comes empty.

Hey @IndieDev,

Have you asked the Budibase community? If the file is not being sent there is no chance for us to work with the data. I would image the data type being sent is incorrect but I am not that familar with Budibase.

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Yes, I did, but they do not answer my questions, unfortunately.

Hey @IndieDev,

Sadly while I would love to work out what is going on I don’t know Budibase but I would imagine that is where the issue is. As a quick test what happens if you send the same data to something like

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