How do I send an image or file from Telegram to Discord?

I want to send an image from Telegram to Discord.
A binary file comes from Telegram, but Discord won’t accept it.

This is some work around to get the telegram image to discord.

If someone opens the image url, they might get your telegram token, but if it’s for personal use then it’s OK.

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The bot is needed for public use.
As I understand it, you will need to upload an image or file to the server and then send it to Discord.

How do I download a file to the server where the n8n is installed without connecting to ftp?

You can use the Execute Command node to do so, just add a node as shown in the screenshot below with a command wget {{$node["Set"].json["url"]}}

You may choose to send on discord as well, or just have to save in the local and remove the discord node.