How do I update node typeVersion?

I have a workflow which throws error. I have a suspicion that it’s because of old node versions. When I click “Download” and inspect downloaded JSON, I can see that there’s field "typeVersion": 2.1 in the node (it’s postgres node). If I would create postgres node in current version and download it, I’d get 2.2 version. Is there any supported way to “upgrade” node outside of creating it manually and copy-pasting all settings from the old node?

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There is not, So you can do a copy / paste as you have found or add the node to the workflow again which would use the newest version. We have spoken in the nodes team about maybe allowing the node version to be changed but typically a minor node version (2.1 to 2.2) shouldn’t cause anything to break as we will mostly leave the old node alone so that we don’t break older workflows

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