How do you deal with a large output file?

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I’m currently converting a file from binary to JSON, to send it to bubble, however, when, I convert the file the error is that the file is too big, I’ve tried to compress the file however, but this does not work.

What is the error message (if any)?

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Hi @Jamaal, the indicator on your screenshot is just a warning, not an error. Some browser will struggle to render a text of this size, but if you nevertheless want to give it a go you can simply click on “Show data anyway”.

That said, it would be highly unusual to convert an mp3 file in the way shown on your screenshot. You’d usually want to use base64 encoding to keep binary data in a string field. Using n8n’s Move Binary Data node, this could be done using the “Keep As Base64” option like so:


Hope this helps!


Btw. as @MutedJam pointed out, is it only about displaying the data. And for that, new versions of n8n also have a button to download the JSON. Meaning if you have to see the content, and you do not want to risk displaying it (as it could cause problems with your browser) you can also download it and look at the content there.


Thanks for your help, it worked!

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