How is that passable? google sheet lookup return

i am making a lookup from google sheets

and if i am getting any return so it true, and i don’t want to do anything

but i an getting answer witch is true and False together!!!

Hey @Yossi_Yhezkel,

It is likely to be the expression or the data coming into the node but without the workflow and the JSON data from the node before the If it is hard to say.

Can we get the output from the first Set node as well? I suspect this is going to be an indexing issue now I can see what you are doing.

I am not sure why but your If node is comparing the value from 2 items in the first Set node and as Set1 is returning 2 items it is looping twice but the second index isn’t there. If you were to use the items option then set the index to 0 it would likely work.