How is the limitation of workflow execution in the self-hosted


I am really excited about the n8n, I recently setup it in my cloud, but I wonder is there any limitation in number of execution of workflows while I am using the free version as self-managed?

Also is there any max workflow limitation in self managed?

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That is great to hear! No, there are no such limits.

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Perfect, your service is really amazing, we are going to using the n8n as our workflow ( business and technical ). however wish there was more information about enterprise plan for self-managed in the pricing page, however tomorrow we are going to email the sales center to get quote about the cost of enterprise usage.

meanwhile may I know do you have any service credit for startups?

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Yes, we have a special startup plan for companies with up to 20 employees. You will get more information about it when you reach out via the Enterprise page.